if i even suspect that someone is sexually attracted to me i get really nauseous and try to wear really baggy clothing because i get so freaked out hhhh i feel sick

minamemeoto replied to your post: who here remembers when the english du…

wh y is that even a fight like bruh. Bruh

'that means they have had yaois before!!! ha ha usuk more like YOU SUK!!!'

'NOOOO the dub isnt CANON you FRUCKERS!!!!'

who here remembers when the english dub of paint it white came out and it started another huge fruk/usuk war because the pict computer said that england and france loved each other sexually

i have some stories about that fight whoo boy

omg yes i was thinking you were missing something and that is what you were missing

tbh any lesbian ship is great but suki x toph„„ amazing potential

WAIT i forgot suki x toph is a+++


just hold on

Cool atla ships:

toph x katara

mai x ty lee

poly aang x katara x zuko where aang and zuko are qp bros

qp toph x sokka

poly zuko x mai x katara where theyre all gay

or just cut zuko out of it and have mai x katara x ty lee


floridian view of the sky & the ocean… i’m swooning